Future Tracks provides small woodland management/coppicing services and outdoor education.

Set up in 2009 by Greg Humphries, Future Tracks aims to promote the sustainable management of woodland and connect people to their landscape and environment. Often Greg himself undertakes the work, but larger projects can involve other handpicked individuals with various skill sets.

Based in West Cornwall, Uk, Greg is happy to undertake projects locally, nationally and internationally.
FutureTracks Who Who We Are
As well as a qualified coppicer and woodsman Greg has been a practicing environmental artist for over 15 years and is a PGCE qualified educator. Over the years he has travelled all over the world visiting communities to meet, learn and listen to individuals with skills that enable them to live in harmony with their environment. He teaches skills gathered from these trips using environmental art, bushcraft and traditional living skills relevant to the Western European climate. His work as a woodsman and coppicer enables him to use, and practice, these skills on a regular basis.